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Aquamarine was established in Greece in 2012, in order to assist shipping professionals via the provision of high quality services in the areas of crew manning and weather routing. We are committed to having our clients’ best interests at heart and delivering safe, compliant, prompt and cost-effective services. The team of Aquamarine consists of members who are talented and motivated to continually improve their performance and selection criteria was based to their broad knowledge in shipping.

Mission, vision, values and goal

Our mission is to offer cost effective and superior customized services which are the key factors that will set us apart from the other shipping companies.

Our vision is to be a trustworthy and valuable partner in the hearts of ship owners, operators and crew and be the company of choice for crew manning and weather routing services.

Our values allow us to grow only via building honest and long term relationships through hard work and positive attitude.

Our goal is to be among the best in our industry by:

Surpassing customers expectations, via the provision of efficient and on time cost competitive services

Providing alternative and flexible crew solutions to owners so they can adjust their ships operational expenses following market fluctuations.

Why choose us

Company Operating Philosophy and Policies

We embrace the challenges of the operationally intensive business of shipping and always keep a sharp lookout for opportunities. Aquamarine Shipping has adopted a customer centric philosophy, which focuses on offering customers exactly what they need and consequently maintaining a strong and trusting relationship with them. It concentrates in attracting high quality seafarers and emphasizes on rigorous screening, interviews, CV cross reference checking, training background, English Marlins and CES tests, licensing and medical condition.

We utilize information technology systems always under the scope of providing prompt and accurate and information and solutions in both companies and seafarers. We are totally dedicated to quality operations, respect on differences, crew welfare, health and safety. We are driven by our passion to exceed the expectations of those who have placed their trust in us and aim to ultimately grow into a leading international shipping company.

We combine a small, warm and friendly company entrepreneurial atmosphere with big company expertise.

Our commitment is to provide 24/7 services.

Building long term relation with our
customers through our efficient services


Crew Manning & Management

Crew recruitment is entrusted to our branch offices situated in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in Odessa the central port of Ukraine, and Manila the key place for Filipino seamen. In this period of great competition, we are fully aware of the importance of having well trained and reliable crew on board, to securely and cost-effectively run the vessel. That is the reason why we are here to deliver only top quality crew to your vessels at any time and any place.


We espouse a proactive approach to safety and ongoing investment in people. Shipping is a people business. In fact, it greatly depends on the finest crews, which is why our crew selection process is based on rigorous screening while great emphasis is placed on training and re-employment of competent seafarers.

For that reason we continuously invest in the development and growth of all of our candidates, as we recognize that their contribution is fundamental to the successful implementation of our strategy and success.

Core business

Aquamarine started to work as typical manning agent but soon realized the Owners’ need for dealing with full crew management.

We take pride in our superior customer service approach, which has enabled us to establish long term relations with our clients and seafarers in the highly competitive shipping industry. Our crew management package is a holistic and comprehensive solution that takes care of all crewing parameters & issues.

Related responsibilities that consume money, time and energy for a Ship Owner/Manager are managed by us and this allows clients to focus on other operational issues. Our Operations, Travel, Agency, Training and Accounts departments coordinate to ensure the seamless deployment of crewing operations for your vessels. Given that crewing is a function of high complexity and critical importance for the operational efficiency of one’s vessels, Aquamarine carefully plans and develops related solutions which offer peace of mind for the Ship Owner/Manager while at the same time retaining full and absolute control from the client’s side.


Quality Assurance Policy

Aquamarine is committed to providing a quality service, which constantly meets the requirements of its customers, employees and the environment in general. It implements quality control at all levels within the organization by monitoring and reviewing company quality objectives. On board, the company instigates good working practices to ensure a safe, secure and healthy working environment.

Aquamarine aims to remain a quality service provider by responding in real time to its customer’s needs, acting with integrity and professionalism, being competitive and persisting to improve in operational responsiveness.


Health Policy

It is the Company’s Health Policy to promote the establishment and continual improvement of healthy working conditions, while strictly complying with applicable statutory and international legislation on health and labor matters. Aquamarine promotes the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment. It continuously improves safety skills of personnel aboard ships, including emergency preparedness to safeguard human life and to prevent environmental pollution.

Its management structure is committed to the prevention of work-related incidents and injuries through appropriate promotion of the highest safety standards. Taking into account applicable guidelines, standards and publications, issued by maritime organizations, it is directed toward creating a safe and healthy environment for all seafarers.


Human Resources Policy

We consider our employees as our most precious investment, thus we center our attention on their welfare, work life balance and self development. We use the resources of our branch offices in Dhaka, Odessa and Manila to tap the best talent in the Bangladeshi, Ukrainian, and Philippine seafarers market respectively, through careful and detailed selection process, while we actively seek and apply the appropriate training required for our seafarers to stay abreast of the latest developments in legislative requirements as well as advances in technology.

Our employees, both in the office and the fleet, are motivated and guided by the values of customer focus, clear and open communication, accountability, integrity, respect for others, self-discipline and professional competence.

Weather Routing

As the exclusive agents of True North Marine, in the Eastern Mediterranean, we provide assistance to Owners, Operators and Time Charterers, the entire way from pre-voyage estimates and route recommendations to post-voyage dialogue support. Efficient Weather routing is through True North Marine with focus of its services on the bulk industry. We have tailored our service to meet the unique challenges and requirements of the bulker segment. We understand clients’ challenges and can help to improve their efficiency of operations. True North Marine prides itself in providing an unbiased, timely and accurate service. We take an active role in ensuring that our clients are informed and protected at every step of the voyage.

We offer three types of service, RPM, PMO and PVA.

Weather Routing (RPM) - Includes Performance Monitoring

Ideal for time charterers or Owners wishing to provide their Masters with assistance. It is a full complete service allowing for most cost effective safe routing options. It includes:

Preliminary route recommendation

Daily route review & adjustments

Regular forecasts on route

24/7 available assistance

ETA to next Port Calculations

Voyage estimations on request

Assist in compliance with SEEMP guidelines and reduction of CO2 emissions

Complete performance monitoring (including all the PMO services)

Performance Monitoring Only (PMO)

Ideal for liner services or disponent Owners where routing is not primary concern but where vessel performance analysis is of the utmost importance. It allows operators to optimize their vessels performance, to take corrective actions and to protect hire. It includes:

Speed analysis vis a vis c/p description

Consumption analysis vis a vis c/p description

Daily updates available via Interim Reports or through TNM FleetView

Detailed and transparent final reports

Post voyage dialogue support

Post Voyage Analysis (PVA)

Ideal to secure an expert opinion on vessel performance or in preparation for arbitration. It includes:

Reconstruction of completed voyages using logs, abstracts of daily noon reports

Detailed and transparent final reports

Consulting vis a vis c/p wording

Clear, concise and easy to understand

Access to historical weather data

Can incorporate several voyages or review of entire fleet

FleetView 2.0

This is our web based software.  This is a very simple to use software which allows you to view your entire fleet on a Google Map.  You can overlay weather such as winds, seas, currents, sea temp etc and also view all performance calculations (avg speed, avg consumption etc)


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Aquamarine Shipping
21 Artemidos st.
Kifissia 145 62, Greece
+30 210 80 12 613 / +30 693 693 7571


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